Jesus Is Risen


Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; John 11:25

Not just Good Friday, everyday is good because of what our Lord Jesus did on the cross! He came to save us from our sins. Because, Holy God cannot tolerate sin and cannot have relationship and fellowship with someone who is living in sin. Only the perfect sacrifice can forgive our sins. Jesus died on the cross for us and if we repent, believe in Him and accept His forgiveness then His blood cleanse us from all sins. He gives gives His grace so that sin shall not rule over us, because we are not under law but under the grace.

Jesus our Resurrected Savior has pardoned us! He gave a new life to live in Him, through Him and for Him! Today, I came to know that during the presidency of Andrew Jackson (in 1829) in United States, George Wilson, a postal clerk, robbed a federal payroll from a train and in the process killed a guard. The court convicted him and sentenced him to death by hanging. Because of public sentiment against (hanging) capital punishment, however, a movement began to secure a presidential pardon for Wilson (first offense), and eventually President Jackson intervened with a pardon. Amazingly, Wilson refused it.

The Sheriff was unwilling to hang Wilson – for how can you hang a pardoned man. Since this had never happened before, the Supreme Court was asked to rule on whether someone could indeed refuse a presidential pardon. Chief Justice John Marshall handed down the court’s decision: “A pardon is a parchment whose only value must be determined by the receiver of the pardon. It has no value apart from that which the receiver gives to it. George Wilson has refused to accept the pardon. We cannot conceive why he would do so, but he has. Therefore, George Wilson must die.”

And so, as punishment for his crime, George Wilson, on a day appointed by the court, was taken from his cell and hanged to satisfy the requirements of the law.Pardon, declared the Supreme Court, must not only be granted, it must be accepted. Likewise, God pardoned our sins and imputed His righteousness on us, receive it humbly with thanksgiving for the salvation is a free gift! So many are not willing to accept the forgiveness from God, He called us to share this Gospel of hope. God loves us and He cares for us! He died, rose again and going to come soon! Continue to walk in the light as He is in the light! Jesus is coming! Amen!

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