Love Never Fails

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35

Its not through our denomination, our ministry or our doctrine  that all  men would know that we are His disciples but only through our love for one another. This is the one and only way that all men will know that we are the followers of Jesus Christ. If anyone loves the Lord then surely He will also love one another.

Jesus loved sinners, but hated sin in them and He wanted them to repent and be delivered from the power of sin and experience the power of love everyday in their life. Jesus came to save us from sins which includes both forgiveness and to be delivered from the power of sin, and also to reveal the Father’s love for us. Love of God radically transforms anyone, let us always keep ourselves in His love. Love never fails! Our hope in Christ will not be cut-off.

Yesterday, we were making waffle and by God’s grace I was reminded about what I’ve learned couple of years back, first it requires oil to be sprayed on the iron grid before we make waffle, we need to keep spraying oil every time when we make waffle so that it won’t stick with the iron rod. If iron rode is like the world and if you and I are like the waffle batter then we need to be separated from this world by God’s love which is like the oil that sprayed, so that we won’t be attached to the world and torn into pieces. God’s love has been poured into our hearts through Holy Spirt! His love never fails! Let us continue to grow in the revelation of His love. God bless you!

Detailed message about Waffle Love –

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