I Have Decided

“I have decided to follow Jesus” is a well known song, today I came to know more about the writer of this song. In 18th century, a husband and wife, with their two children from India, accepted Jesus as Lord and were baptized. They lived in the state of Assam (India). Their village leaders were not believers and arrested the family, they demanded that the father renounce Christ, or see his wife and children murdered. But, he refused to deny Jesus and said “I have decided to follow Jesus, and there is no turning back.” Two children were executed by archers.

After seeing his children killed, he said, “The world can be behind me, but the cross is still before me.” They gave another chance for him to renounce Christ or they will kill his wife, the man again refused, and his wife was similarly stuck down. And after seeing his wife pierced by the arrows, he said, “Though no one is here to go with me, still I will follow Jesus.” Finally, they killed this man also followed his family into glory.

A revival had broken out in Assam, and those that had murdered this man accepted Jesus as Lord, that village people started to believe in Jesus. God transformed the villagers by revealing His love for them. The martyr’s last words became the song and all glory to God for today almost every church know this song! Also, this man’s testimony encourages us to be commited to our Lord, because our Lord Jesus died for us and He loves us so much. We love Him, because He first loved us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus! May God bless you and use you for His glory!

Jesus is our Redeemer video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYegoBSU4Hc

Slides –  http://www.slideshare.net/albertsamuelmilton/jesus-is-our-redeemer

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