Love and His Purpose


God spoke to me about 2 important things, Love and His Purpose! Few years back, I was called in a school to share God’s Word to kids, before I share with kids the head of the school shared with kids and mentioned, look at the cross where one side is pointed towards up and always remember to love God who is above, other side of the cross is pointed towards people and always remember to love your neighbor. Jesus said, Love your God and Love your neighbor (Mark 12:30,31). We love Him because He first loved us! Amen! One brother told “we need to have Passion for Christ and Compassion for people!”

In this new year, let us continue to remain in His love and continue to love our neighbor as ourselves. In these last days, the love of many will grow cold. But, you and I are called to keep ourselves in God’s love! His love has been poured into our hearts through Holy Spirit! Secondly, there is God’s purpose in each and everyone’s life. No matter which country you are living today. Each and everything that man manufactured has a purpose. We were not manufactured but we were created in the image of God and God have a purpose for each and everyone of our life. Trust in Him for He will lead you through His purpose till the end and He will fulfill it for His glory!

Couple of days back, I came to know about Corrie Ten Boom, she was born in Dutch in 1892. She loved God and people and a great example of what I’m sharing with you. She was a Christian and along with her family she sheltered and helped many Jews to escape Nazi’s Holocaust during world war II and imprisoned for it. She found the purpose of God in her live and she loved people, she was focused on sharing Christian Gospel. In Feb of 1944 she was arrested for helping Jewish people and she was about to be executed in few months, but in Dec of 1944 she got released and she later learned that her release had been a clerical error. She said, “God does not have problems — only plans.” She lived long till 91 years – 1983. Once she mentioned that, “it is not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts”.

God is faithful and He will fulfill all His purpose in your life. Trust God for He is able, its not our ability but His power that works within us. His grace is sufficient for us! Let us pray that His will be done in our life, let this year be the year of new beginning with Love and His Purpose. All things will work together for our good, because our God is good! God bless you and wish you a Happy New Year 2015! Jesus Loves You!

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