Quick Tip from Quick Trip



I am going to share a quick tip from my quick trip. Last week, by God’s grace I was traveling to few states for ministries and while waiting to catch my flight I was working in my laptop. I was in gate number 4 to board the flight, while waiting and working I heard someone on speakers calling my name and telling this is the final call please come to gate 7 immediately.

The word final call and immediately made me to quickly carry my stuff and run to gate 7, they told I caught the flight by 30 seconds, meaning if I delayed by 30 seconds to reach gate 7 I would have missed the flight and I’m the last person to enter the flight, then the cabin door closed as everyone was on board. Thank God!

Likewise, always be focused and be alert to listen to God’s voice and also be quick to respond to His Word. When God told Joseph in middle of the night to take Mary and Jesus away to Egypt, immediately he listened and walked accordingly without delay. Let us be quick to listen the voice of our Lord Jesus and instantly and walk according to His Word! You are blessed! Amen!

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip from Quick Trip”

  1. Great illustration. Glad you made the flight on time. Praying for those who don’t know God that they would repent before it’s too late. Judgment is coming, and they need to be alert to this truth or else they will miss their final destination. Happy Easter!

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