Be with JESUS

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The primary reason why God called you and me is to be with Him and our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ!  As we see in Genesis 3:9, after God created man in His own image, the LORD God called to Adam, and said to him, Where are you? God always searches for us, because He loves us and He wants us to be with Him! Here in Mark 3, we can see that Jesus prayed the whole previous night before He selected twelve disciples, here it says “He appointed them that they might be with Him which is the number one priority as Jesus wants us to be with Him and then comes the ministry, not the other way around. Jesus called His disciples to be with Him! Today, we are His disciples.

So many who got saved today thinks that they need to do ministry for God by tomorrow, its good to serve the Lord but the priority is always fellowship and to be with Him, ministry is the by product of our relationship with Him and He will lead us and call at the right time to do the right thing for His glory, Paul says Christ’s love compels us, meaning the love of Jesus led him to do ministry, God will always empower us first and do everything beautifully in His time and use us for His glory. Continue to grow in His love. He is calling us to abide in Him as like how a branch is connected to vine, we are called to remain in Christ’s love! This always remains! This should be our priority and primary focus!

Jesus told Mary that she had chosen the good part, which shall not taken away from her. Jesus said this one thing is needful, what is that one thing? Mary was with Jesus listening to Him and sat at the feet of Jesus. On the other hand Martha was worried and upset about many things, as a result she was hurting herself and also complaining about Mary. Jesus told us not to worry or upset but cast all our cares upon Him and He wants us to receive His peace and joy that this world cannot give. We are called to be like Mary to be with Jesus and listen to Him and do according to His Word, there is no place for worry or upset. But, there will be hope, love, joy and faith! Remain in Him! His love is amazing! Be With Him! God bless you!

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