Christ is Enough

Christian Family Walks Towards Cross

There is an old story of a wealthy man who owned a lot of paintings, he also had a son. Here is the important part of the story, one day this wealthy man and his son passed away, all the paintings came for auction and lot of rich people came to to bid/buy in the auction. There in the middle of this collection were hanging the two paintings of his son. They started with these paintings of son, but no one was interested to bid or buy the picture of the son.

Finally, a beggar came forward to buy these paintings of the son. As the beggar took them and was about to leave, the auctioneer said, “I have some news for you. Behind the paintings of this young man are the words, ‘Whoever bids on these gets the whole gallery.'” He who got the son got everything the father had to give. Today, whoever has the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, has all that His Father has to offer.

Yesterday, my elder sister Catherine went to be with the Lord. We miss her so much, but just two weeks back she accepted Jesus as Lord and wrote in a paper that she have faith in Jesus as he could not talk due to some medical treatment. Praise God for she got the Son (Jesus) and she is with our Father in Heaven. Please remember my mom and our families in your prayers. Christ is Enough for us in these tough times and at all times! Amen! Jesus Loves You, God is Good!

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